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Project Description

uCodeFirst is a component for Umbraco that allows the definition of data types, document types and other customization artefacts in a visual studio solution (C# code) instead of the Umbraco administration back-end.

It is heavily inspired by uSiteBuilder, and aims to provide the same kind of benefits:

  • Put all the metadata (document types, templates, macros, etc.) into source control, allowing better sharing and collaboration inside a team and between teams
  • Each Umbraco development instance can have its own database, and is synchronized through source code
  • Leverage more of .Net by manipulating strongly-typed entities, benefiting from having compile-time checking and intellisense
  • Support unit tests, continuous integration and automated deployments
  • And much more…


See the Documentation for more information.


Nuget packages


This project only supports Umbraco 6 and forward, and is still in beta.

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